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Started: 4/6/2020 12:49 PM
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Ivan Kohut

Perfectial is a business-oriented product design and development company committed to helping businesses kickstart, develop, and succeed. Perfectial has implemented innovative ideas that allowed businesses – large and small – to scale, evolve, and prosper in a range of business domains. Perfectial’s competence in working with modern platforms and frameworks is recognized and highly valued within the U.S. and European markets.

With over 200 professionals in-house, including project managers, solutions architects, .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python and Node.js developers, UI/UX design and Quality Assurance teams, we offer full-cycle of software product development services: from initial identification of business requirements to system testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Company: 30-0839474

Hours: 09.00-19.00

Address: 75 Arlington st. Suite 500Boston, MA 02116, USA

Phone: 1 857 302-3414



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